Sunday, March 01, 2009

So Roger & I finally got hit with a bug or two last week. People we knew had been sick weeks before, and we thought that maybe we were just fortunate enough to escape (yay, immune systems!), but then last Monday Roger came home early and by dinner time, he was feverish and restlessly sleeping. He got up for a couple hours on Tuesday, just for a change of scenery (sleeping on the couch instead of in bed) and got dressed around noon on Wednesday and puttered around the apartment with me. (Yes, I know I haven't posted apartment pics yet. I'm bad.)

On Wednesday, however, I woke up with a sore throat. I hoped that I had just been sleeping with my mouth open, and I went to the gym (even though I don't normally go on Wednesdays), but after the hour cardio workout, my coughing told me I'd caught something too. Yippee. I wiped down everything I touched at the gym really well.

Mostly, I seem to just have an obnoxiously draining chest cold. Lots of coughing, which leads to a sore throat. I've been drinking lots of green tea and lots of water.

Roger & I are both feeling much better; Roger went back to work on Thursday, and though I'm still not going to the gym (coughing and cardio don't work together), I'll be able to in a couple days, I think.

Currently reading: A Perfect Mess.
Maybe I'll go ahead and take apartment pictures after all.

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