Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tonight is our first night sleeping in our house.

This morning we were informed that our apartment is being shown tomorrow at five, and the only way for us to make the place navigable to anyone else was to start moving some boxes to the house; we hadn't done any of that yet because it's been rainy and chilly and if you don't have to move when it's like that, you don't. So we've been postponing the real move-in day. (All our stuff is out of the storage room we were renting, though, and stacked in the basement--we did that on Sunday.)

It didn't rain today. In fact, the sun came out for a few hours.

So we are sleeping in our house tonight, because once we started packing boxes into the van, it made sense to undo the bed and load it into the trailer (we borrowed from a friend), pack up Kitty and her stuff and move it in tonight. She's been wandering around the mostly empty (and echo-y) upstairs, hollering for the last hour and will likely continue to do so for the rest of the night. Tomorrow we go back for kitchen stuff and the rest of the books. We have OJ in the house, but no glasses, bread but no plates. I love this in-betweenness of moving. We just took our first showers in the fancy-looking shower in the big bathroom and now I'm on the hunt for a brush or comb.

And once I figure out which bag/box the camera landed in, I'll have pictures of our moving and house and kitty (and us, if we can manage to catch each other not behind boxes) for you all to enjoy.