Saturday, March 03, 2007

A lot has happened since Roger and I went back to Ohio for Christmas so that he could meet my whole family and all of its fun chaos. We drove from BC, and we took pictures and had lots of adventures, so updates are coming, I swear. (You won't want to miss this.)

But, sadly, we've run into a huge bump in my moving to BC, because despite all that we did to ensure we were following a proper order for our return, Canadian border guards decided that I was not allowed to go back with my love. That is a long, crazy and infuriating story in and of itself (which I may or may not tell you), but suffice to say that I am currently back home in Ohio at my mom and dad's. (They've been so very wonderful about the whole thing.)

I just thought that I should post a note to let you know that I have not abandoned this blog, and I will be posting pictures and stories in a few days. Check back soon!