Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All right. I've decided that you're all going to have to wait to hear about our cross country road trip, because our notes are scattered--half in BC and half here with me, and even though it's going to be a while yet before we start telling those stories, I can at least let you know what I'm up to while waiting for Canadian officials and/or border guards to come to their senses. Our lawyer has informed us that even though it seems to make sense to ask the CIC about immigration and to run situations like ours by them--the trip home to introduce fiancé to the family, border crossing questions, etc.--it was really our first mistake. She says we received some really, really bad advice. Even though receiving the same advice from three or four different offices would seem to be an affirmation that we were doing everything appropriately, the people answering CIC phones have no idea about the border guard regulations because the two have become separate entities.

Look for details here--every now and then--about my life back in Ohio. (Sometimes I swear I'm turning back into a 16 year old.) Soon, pics and stories about: seeing Chris Crutcher, one of my favorite young adult book authors; attending Claire's Day, a day that celebrates readers, authors and the memory of a little girl; our Bike to the Bay ride; and the Ault family Fourth of July (which this year is planned for July 1). I just have to get some pictures from the camera into the computer...

Oh, and I bought my wedding ring, even though we don't know yet when or where the wedding will be. I finally found a ring I like, and so as least that detail is taken care of. For those who for some reason didn't know this--and I thought I was practically shouting it from the rooftops, but many people have been surprised--yes, Roger and I are getting married. Despite what the border guards at the Peace Arch crossing think or said. (I will try not to sound horribly bitter in future posts. After all, I have only had a bad experience with one particular border crossing, and have found other border guards/crossings to be at least polite, and once or twice even close to friendly.)

It will not be a big wedding. I doubt very much that I will be in anything that anyone would consider anything close to a traditional wedding dress. In fact, I expect that there will be little truly traditional about it. I don't even expect to have a guest list or a party, really. But we'll see how it all comes together.

Right now, all I want more than anything else in the world is to be in the same space as Roger. We haven't seen each other since January, in large part because it would be cruel to come together for a week or two just to have to be separated again, and in small part because it's at least a $2,000 trip for just one person, and we have an immigration lawyer to pay now...

In case you're wondering what I'm filling my days with, I'm mostly reading and doing a few freelance editing jobs. In my head I keep hearing the sneering border guard telling me to go back to the states and get an apartment and a job, and it grates on my nerves because it doesn't make sense to do that. First, no one around here wants to hire someone who will only be here for a few months, and second, though there are plenty of short term projects I would probably qualify for, I'm not willing to relocate. (How much sense would it be to move into my own place for a mere few months with all of my independent living supplies in Seattle? It would cost as much as I would make to set up house again.) Besides, while I'm not allowed to be with my fiancé, I want to get in as much family time as I can. I miss them when I'm in BC.

Clearly, I'm on the verge of ranting. I'll be back in a few days with pictures and anecdotes.