Sunday, November 08, 2009

Okay, so it's been forever since I've posted anything. (Sorry, Mom.) Mostly, this is because I take pictures, but Roger replaced my 256MB memory card with a 2GB card and now I never run out of space and so I'm never forced to transfer the pictures. That's right, I'm blaming Roger.

So, if you're still checking this blog for updates, what do you want to know about and what do you want to see pics of? Clearly, I haven't posted pics of the new house yet. Or the move. (Believe it or not, we're still not done with the boxes. Even our books have just recently begun being unpacked.)

To tide you over, I am posting pictures of the cats. Wavey, who will be six months by the end of November, is scheduled to be spayed this week. Big Kitty (known by former caretakers as Purr-Purr), I'm sorry to say, died in September; Roger & I miss her quite a bit, but Wavey adapted quickly to being the only cat in the house.

Wavey and her two brothers, Peanut and Jack (I think)

Wavey and her brothers being watched over by their mother Marianne.

She was so tiny!

She was also the most interesting one of the bunch, as it turned out--and the most adventurous.

Big Kitty sleeping on a makeshift nest of paper.

Big Kitty liked to be touching us at all times if we were within reach. This pic taken on a break from packing at the apartment.

When she was tiny, she used to curl up on our shoulders against our necks. . .

. . . or walk behind.

Big Kitty wasn't too happy about Wavey being right there when she woke up, but this is the first time the two of them were so close without Big Kitty having a hissy fit.

When Mom & Dad & Katie & Grandma came to visit in September, Katie managed to grab both cats for a picture.

Big Kitty was always a lap cat (for us) and Wavey followed suit. (I think this is our last picture of Big Kitty.)

Foil balls and coin wrappers are endlessly thrilling.

And Wavey's fascinated by the TV & our computers.