Saturday, June 07, 2008

Roger and I drove to Lund this morning so that he could drop off some work he did for Terracentric Adventures, and then (finally!) we went to lunch at Nancy's Bakery.

I've been hearing about Nancy's since I first came here in 2005--mostly I heard about Nancy's cinnamon rolls. Then, sometime since my first visit, Nancy's moved into a new, much bigger location to accommodate their growing number of patrons.

But Roger and I don't usually have reason to drive to Lund, so before today, I'd never been treated to Nancy's.

Heaven. Quite possibly the best food in the area.

Because we were right at the end of the breakfast/beginning of the lunch time, I had eggs benny with smoked salmon & Roger had a breakfast burrito (it was huge!), but I was very tempted by the butternut pizza (sold by the slice) that was displayed on the counter. If it's on the menu next time, I know what I'm getting. Dessert was a decadent piece of triple chocolate espresso cheesecake that easily rivaled the best cheesecakes I've experienced. And we got breakfast for tomorrow morning--those famous cinnamon rolls I've heard so much about. Maybe we can go back next weekend...

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